How Do I Fill In My Days

How do I fill in my days? This is a question  that people often ask me. Most of the time I just say that I spend a lot of it lying on the lounge or in my recliner watching TV. Which, isn’t far from the truth.


So, what do I actually do to fill in my days/weeks at home when Michelle is at work and our daughters are at school? Well, yes I do lie in my recliner or on the lounge watching TV, mostly because I’m in too much pain to do anything else. But I also do the following –

  • I cook dinner pretty much every night of the week.
  • I handle all our finances now, including when receiving our bills, setting up transfers to pay these in the future. This saves the frustration and stress of making sure that we remember to pay the bill on the day that its due.
  • Planning our future holidays/cruises.
  • Go out occasionally for coffee/tea with my parents, my sister and friends.
  • Attend the Mega Chapels that Mueller College (where both of our daughters attend) put on throughout the year.
  • Think about what changes I would like done to our house and gardens.
  • Spend time with my dad, shopping for stuff………
  • Visit my favourite chiropractor Nicole at Geebung Family Chiropractic. Nicole, who I have been seeing pretty much every 2 weeks for about 4 years now and who has seen how bad the degeneration of my discs and spine has been, helps to keep my headaches/migraines to a minimum.
  • Water the garden, pull out the occasional weed and use my very light cordless blower to keep some sort of cleanliness outside.
  • Catchup on sleep. Because some nights the pain keeps me awake for hours.
  • Doctors/specialists appointments.
  • Write this blog. Though not as much as I would really like to.

Well thats pretty much how I fill in my days at home during the week. Though there definitely will be some things that I have missed from the list above, but you get the picture.

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