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Wow! It’s certainly been quite some time since my last post on here. So, here’s what has happened since then. In January this year (2016), I had a trial surgery for a  spinal chord stimulator (SCS). This was done to see if a permanent SCS implant would be of any benefit. In this trial, I had 2 leads inserted and placed at C2 and another 2 leads inserted and placed at T8. The trial went for 10 days where I was limited as to what I could do movement wise. This included no driving.

The Complete System - Remote, Charger and Implant

The Complete System – Remote, Charger and Implant

The end result of the trial, was that I was able to get to a standing position from sitting down, with little to no pain. This was certainly a bonus. The main reason that I went ahead with this trial, was to see if I could get by without the need to take Endone constantly over the weekend. Especially whilst at church on Sunday mornings when I’m on my first dosage of Endone for the day, I would be quite ‘spacey’ and not really with it. But, it seems that this trial is also a success as I was able to get through my weekend and church, without the need to take Endone. Job done!

Now lets move forward to March where I had the SCS permanently implanted into my lower back on the right side (around the belt level). After 2 days in at St Vincent’s Hospital, I was discharged and back at home to recover from the surgery. I was now under strict instructions for the next 3 months of what not to do. This included not turning my head, no twisting, no bending my back, no driving, pretty much I was to be like an ironing board…stiff as!

Within 3 weeks, I was back in hospital, but at Redcliffe. This time because I had collapsed due to additional intense abdominal pain and also passing blood. After having to have an Endoscopy and a Colonoscopy to determine why I was passing blood. I was told that I had bleeding from my stomach lining. This was caused my one of the prescribed drugs that I was on (Mobic). So because I need to take this drug, another drug, Pantoprazole. This drug is used to help protect the stomach lining from certain drugs, such as Mobic.

So 7 month post surgery and I’m doing ok. There has been a number of setting changes done to the implant to try to get it to work the best of my needs. Movement is a little easier, though I’m still quite limited as to what I can/shouldn’t do. As for needing no Endone, well, it was all going great. That was until Wednesday (19 Oct), when I collapsed due to now also dealing with sharp abdominal pains. After being taken to the emergency department at Redcliffe Hospital by ambulance, I was given, yep you guessed it…Endone! But not just 1, oh no, I needed 3 to get the pain levels right down.

Queensland Ambulance

This abdominal pain was bringing back bad memories from earlier this year and after talking to the doctors at the hospital, it was decided that the Mobic is still causing issues internally. At least now I can drop a further 2 more drugs from my stash, Mobic and Pantoprazole. Hopefully this is the last time that I have to endure abdominal pain like this.

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