A challenge for all men

For quite sometime, I tried to keep everything that I was going through to myself. I constantly kept thinking and saying to myself “I can deal with this” or “it’s my own problem” or “no one else needs to know what I am going through” or “I just got to hide the pain that I’m going through”.

Men suffering alone

As men, we don’t want to look weak. We don’t want to have to ask someone for help. While that maybe what the world wants men to look or act, it’s certainly not what “real” men should be like. The “real man” should be the one who is not afraid to ask for help when it’s needed. They can have a cry and show their emotions. These aren’t a sign of weakness, but a sign of hurt, a sign of needing help.

You can’t try to keep things bottled up inside of you. Eventually the things that you try to keep inside will come out. When they do, it’s normally in anger, anger to those who really care about you, really love you. You need to take a moment and ask yourself, “is this something that I can deal with by myself, or is it bigger and I need someone else to help me through it?”

A lot of the time it is bigger than what you can deal with alone. In my experience and yes, it is hard and it’s a big step to share your pain with someone close to you. That someone, who will not think any less of you for sharing your pain or asking for help. You will be relieved and feel that a big weight has been lifted off you after you share your troubles or pain.

share your pain

I hope that everyone who is reading this, gets behind and supports that partner, that friend or even that stranger that you see is struggling with whatever it may be. But if it is you that is in need of asking for help, then I challenge you, that today you find someone and share with them and let them help you.

After thinking for a few days, last night I launched “Don’t Suffer In Silence – Share Your Story” on Facebook. My hope for this Facebook page is that people who are willing enough to share their stories of their own struggles and triumphs that they have endured going through chronic pain, depression, etc. Your story may just be the encouragement that one person needs. Your story may even save their life.

Don't Suffer In Silence - Share Your Story

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