An ode to pain

Well, I was lying in bed having another one of my rough days and I thought, why not try something different. So here we go…….

As I was lying down on my own bed
Was thinking about what should be said

Thinking about the things I that could do
Now I can’t even tie up my very own shoe

Have seen many doctors about my back
But they just say to put up with that

I use to run and walk real quick
Now I have to use a walking stick

Now I get to spend my weekdays alone
When the wife and kids have left the home

There’s times I feel like I’m being real slack
All for that great big pain in my back

(c) Brad Smith 2012

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  • Darleen Costin

    Sorry Brad to hear that you are in so much pain, may you find some relief soon. I will pray that you will find a specialist that will listen to you. It sounds to me that who have seen have failed you. My brother has Chronic back pain continuously he had bulging disc and had back surgery.. He still has chronic pain he walks with a limp and is over on one side a bit. He chooses to not take strong pain medication because of the sedation feeling it gives because he cannot function. Even though he has pain he does not let it take over his life, he is a manager of the Men’s shed at Nambour for the Churches of Christ.. His Job is very demanding… When I read your posts I believe God will find a way for you to function again as normal as you can, just have to believe and trust.. My brother lives a life as normal as he can, he still does the things he likes to do like fishing at Rainbow Beach or Fraser Island, You may not feel it will happen but with God all things are possible. Like my brother God will give you the strength and make you strong with what you are going through. Writing on your blog is so good, you are helping people through your writing, keep it up.

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