Argh……I’m so frustrated!

Last night I was pouring myself a cup of milk and spilt a bit on the kitchen bench and on the floor. You might say, yeah, so what! But here is where some of my frustration comes in. Sure, I can easily clean the bench, but the floor, now that’s a different story.


Bending down to pick something up or in this case, to clean up spilt milk is extremely painful and restricts me in being able to do even the simplistic tasks. Tasks like, putting your shoes on and tying the laces, getting dressed is a task on its own, but for now can just get by. Sitting in the car is very painful and very awkward, nether lone trying to even attempt to drive one. Tenpin bowling with my family is now something I can only do when playing it on the Nintendo Wii, lying on my side in the recliner.

My spa that we have outside, I can’t use unless someone is here with me to take the hard lid off and be there beside me in the unlikely chance that I fall when getting in. Oh, and getting out is a whole different story on its own.

Lifting anything more than a couple of kilos is very painful too. Getting that bottle of milk, juice or water from the bottom shelf in the fridge is something that I just can’t even attempt. There would be plenty of other everyday things and activities that could be added here too.

So as you can see, just the simple everyday tasks that we all take for granted can easily become the hardest or for those who suffer like me. It is these that make my days very frustrating!

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