Focus on the future, not the past

I was looking back over some photos the other week when I was designing the header for this blog site. Seeing photos of when I was a bit younger and more able bodied, made me think back to how things use to be like before now.

Young and fit, able to stand up on a stage and play guitar, drive my 4wd and even drive it off road, ride motorbikes, go waterskiing, chase my kids around and much, much more. These are a thing of the past.

It also got me to thinking, thinking of how many of us constantly think of our past, the good and the bad. Do we just sit down and complain about all the bad things in our lives? Do we try to push the bad stuff that happened and try to only think about the good things? The choices and events that has happened in the past, good and bad has made who you are today.

For me, while the future of my physical condition is uncertain, the past has defined who I am today, the good and the bad.

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