Is it a bad sign?

a bad sign

I do have to laugh when I catchup with some people who I haven’t seen for a year or more. They see me walking ever so slowly and ask me what’s wrong? Most of them remember that I have had a bad back for some time. But the funniest time was when I recently saw a friend who we hadn’t seen for about a year. After explaining how things have gotten worse and that there is no fix for my back, he says “oh, so you really did have a sore back.”

As I require a walking stick to assist me getting around, I constantly have a lot of people, some who have seen me and know of me, ask “what did you do to your leg?” Others who know me a bit better didn’t even realise that I was in any pain. One blessing with going through all this is, that I have quite a high pain threshold.

Having a high pain threshold does have its limits. For most of this year, trying to get a decent nights sleep has been something I could only dream of. Every time I move I wake up and then getting comfortable and dropping back off to sleep takes some time. For most nights, if I got 3 hours of broken sleep, I was doing good.

My doctor has recently put me onto an antidepressant at night to help me sleep. WOW! I finally got about 5 hours sleep on the first night an then again on the second and the third. So, just to make sure that this “wonder” tablet was really working, I decided on the fourth night, not to take it. Yep, you guessed it, I only got about 3 hour sleep. At least now I do know that it actually works.

But, there are still the occasional night when I only get about 3 hour sleep. I have been getting a few nights over the past week or so, sharp pains from my lower back all the way down the back of my right leg. I’m not real sure if this is a bad sign and if it is, then we’ll find out later, much later. I hope!

Sleep is such a luxury, which I can’t afford.

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