It’s a sad day…

My thoughts wandered and this made me feel a little sad today.

As I was unsteadily got up from my chair with the aid of my walking stick to make some lunch, I thought back to the time when things were easier. Times when driving a car, doing things around the house, going to work, even tying my own shoe laces was something I just took for granted.

You don’t pause for a second to think that sometime in the future you might be struck down with a sickness, a medical condition or even being involved in an accident that will totally change how you are living your life right now. I remember seeing people with a disability, handicap or whatever and thinking I’m lucky that I am healthy and can do whatever I want to do.

Looking at what was then and what is now, makes me want to make the most of what I have now and to keep going, even if it is extremely painful. The pain that I have 24/7, added with a number of side effects from various medications are contributing to making my days difficult. The hardest thing is to try to stay positive.

But with my family by my side and friends around giving encouragement, helps me to get through days like this.

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