It’s been a while

Well, it’s been quite a while since my last post here. So here’s what has been happening in my world.

I have had a sore back for as long as I can remember and in 2002 was advised that I had bulging discs in my L4/L5 and that surgery wasn’t an option at that time. Towards the end of last year my back started getting more painful and limiting the amount of physical activity that I was able to do. Before then if I did work out in our garden, I would need one day to recover. But this started taking two and then three days for me to recover.

So off to see a Chiropractor and see if that would help me. I found a very good Chiropractor near to where I was working, Zillmere Family Chiropractic. There I met with Dr Nicole Calder who, after discussing my history sent me off to get an x-ray before she should touch anything. My x-rays showed that I had scoliosis and some misalignment of some vertebrae. My C2 was also out and this was, as Nicole said, the reason for my many migraines and severe headaches that I constantly had over the years.

After some months of seeing Nicole, things seemed to get worse, so my parents suggested that I see an Osteopath as my dad was seeing one with great success. I went to the one that he went to, but after a few visits, I didn’t feel any better.

I then called into Zillmere Family Chiropractic again to see if I could have a talk with Nicole, but she wasn’t there. Nicole called me later that afternoon when she had finished working and spoke with me on the phone for some time as we discussed my frustrations with things. It was decided that I would come back and see her again and revisit the current situation.

Things seemed to get worse and the pain started affecting me more and the over the counter painkillers didn’t seem to be doing their job anymore. So, off to see my doctor who immediately sent me off to get an MRI. The results weren’t good. Some stronger painkillers and a referral to see a spinal surgeon was the go.

MRI of my spine

MRI of my spine

I arranged to see Dr Peter McCombe in the city, who promptly told me that surgery wasn’t an option as I have a Schmorls Node on my L1 and have degenerative disc disease from my L1 to my S1. I saw him a further two time more as we tried to seek a surgical option that would help me. But each time his answer was that there isn’t one, except for maybe a possibility of putting a spacer between my L1 and L2 as this may help. But this operation will be sometime coming as I need to go through the public system and also it may or may not reduce the pain. This type of operation is easily reversible if it does not work.

Driving our car, a Volvo S40, is now something of the past. Well, for now at least. I had to stop driving our Toyota Prado earlier this year as its a manual and proved to be very painful, especially when changing gears. Even just sitting in a car is very uneasy for me as sitting for any longer than a few minute hurts.

I am still going to Zillmere Family Chiropractic and seeing Nicole every couple of weeks, who is keeping my migraines and headaches at bay. Both Michelle and our eldest daughter Taylah are seeing Nicole now and with much success.

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