It’s just not fair!

It’s just not fair….or is it?

People say to me “it’s just not fair that you should be going through this” and you know, they may be right.

One thing that I have learnt over my years, is that things happen for a reason. While it may not make sense at the time, if you looked back over the past years at things that happens to you, either good or bad, how has that changed you? Are you better or are you worse for it?

For me, I believe that the things that have and are happening to me are making me a better person. A better person in the way of being able to understand those who suffer, be that mentally, emotionally or physically.

I hope that for everyone who takes the time to read my post, get something out of them. Be it either a better understanding of those who are troubled by pain, a mental illness or something else. Or even if it helps or encourages you through your struggles.

Please, share these posts with anyone which you may feel will benefit from reading them.

Have a great day and thank you for taking the time to read my blog!

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