Shopping takes time

I was listening to the radio the other day and heard a comment made by one of the announcers about shopping. He said that both him and his wife do the grocery shopping together so that they can get it done quicker. Hmmm, I go and do the grocery shopping with Michelle………..

Grocery Shopping

It takes at least twice as long to get it done now. Not just because it is painful for me to walk and that I walk very slow, yes even slower than most of those who are much, much older than I. But also because my mind wanders away from what is on the “real” shopping list, to what is on “my” shopping list.

I see little Johnny asking his mum, “can I have this and can I have that?” and when mum answers with a definitive “NO!”, I just smile. Smile because I am standing in the confectionary isle, thinking what else was on “my” list………..

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