What next?

Well, what next?

My eyesight is being affected by the medications that I am currently on. I have had glasses for reading, but have noticed now that when wearing them they don’t seem to help much unless I hold what I am reading a lot closer. Everything else around me now seems a little blurry too. I am hoping that this will pass in time. But if not, then who knows……..

For the past few months, my wife Michelle has been the chief lawn mowerer – not even sure that’s a real word :). But today, as Michelle is away doing her first aid course, was to be the day that our eldest daughter, Taylah was introduced to our lawn mower for the first time.

Well, I would have to say that she did a great job, even more so since it was her first time too. Well done Tay!

With my lovely wife, Michelle and our two beautiful daughters, Taylah and Hannah stepping up to do things that I always did in the past and help from family and friends, I am now out of a job or two. But at least I don’t need worrying about how things are going to be done now that I am unable to do them. Jobs around the house is now one less stress in my life.

So what next? Time to get on with living and spending these and other precious times with my girls.

Family is one of life’s most precious gifts, cherish every moment you have together.

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