What! You want me to communicate!

I learnt over a few years ago that communication is the key to any marriage. My wife and I went through a few days where our marriage was on rocky ground. Thankfully for us both, our family and close friends were very supportive. We were able to realise that as time went on in our marriage, other things had taken over our lives and this resulted in a lack of communication between us both.


We have been married now for a little over 18 years and have 2 wonderful daughters and a Maltese x Shih Tzu who, thinks that she is more than just a pet. Michelle and I now talk a lot more, sharing our thoughts and feelings, no matter how embarrassing or silly we might think they are. Since doing this, our marriage has been stronger than ever before.

Communication has been instrumental in helping us over the past few months as we both have struggled through the idea of what may lie ahead as my health has deteriorated. With the worry of our finances should I never be able to go back to work or what happens if……..? Talking about these concerns between ourselves, has helped us to realise that we need only to focus on today and worry about tomorrow when it gets here.

If we don’t communicate to our spouse, our family, our friends, then who is to blame when they don’t know what we are thinking or how we are feeling. Or how can you then say “but, no one was there for me” or “I didn’t know there was anything wrong”.

So, take my advice and COMMUNICATE!

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