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Where It All Started

Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who has taken the time to stop by and read my blog. I started writing about my journey dealing with Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD) back in late November 2012. Mostly to help me deal with the changes that this has placed both on my life and my family’s lives. But also as an inspiration to those of you who struggle with chronic pain, or anything else for that matter.

If you would like to have a better understanding of my journey, how it has changed me and what I have to deal with each and every day. Then please, read all my posts in chronological order from where it all started – Everything Crashes Around Me

The world ends today!

The world ends

Well, maybe not the world, but another year for me. Another year older and the first of many more birthdays to come where I hope that my blog posts has changed lives. Lives of those I know and lives of those I don’t.

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What is God’s plan in all this?

A few weeks ago my brother-in-law shared with me an article written by Dave Furman, pastor of Redeemer Church of Dubai. In his post titled The Struggles and Hopes of a Disabled Dad, Dave writes “Ten years ago I never would have dreamed that I would have a physical disability. But God knew the beautiful design he had for me and for the spread of his gospel would involve taking away the strength of my hands.”

God's plan

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It’s a sad day…

My thoughts wandered and this made me feel a little sad today.

As I was unsteadily got up from my chair with the aid of my walking stick to make some lunch, I thought back to the time when things were easier. Times when driving a car, doing things around the house, going to work, even tying my own shoe laces was something I just took for granted.

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