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How Do I Fill In My Days

How do I fill in my days? This is a question  that people often ask me. Most of the time I just say that I spend a lot of it lying on the lounge or in my recliner watching TV. Which, isn’t far from the truth.


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Why I Hate Mondays

I never look forward to Mondays, or Sunday nights for that matter. Not because it’s the start of the new week. Or for the fact that Michelle and the girls will be at work and school during the day, leaving me at home alone.

But because late Sunday night I go through withdrawals, as I come off the narcotic drug which I have needed to be on for the weekend or sometimes just for Sunday. A drug, just so that I can bear the increased pain of sitting, standing and walking as a result of going to church, the wanting to be social and trying to have a ‘normal’ life/weekend like everyone else.


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Time Flies By


Well, I can’t believe that it has been more than a year since my last post. Lots has happened since then. My DDD (Degenerative Disc Disease) has worsened and as a result a change in medications has been required. I am now on the maximum dosage of Lyrica per day and with that, mainly on weekends, I need also need prescribed narcotic drugs to get me by. But all in all, I am coping reasonably well most days. Though I have those days/nights when I just wish there was a quick fix and I could be rid of this constant pain for good……but, there isn’t one :(

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What is God’s plan in all this?

A few weeks ago my brother-in-law shared with me an article written by Dave Furman, pastor of Redeemer Church of Dubai. In his post titled The Struggles and Hopes of a Disabled Dad, Dave writes “Ten years ago I never would have dreamed that I would have a physical disability. But God knew the beautiful design he had for me and for the spread of his gospel would involve taking away the strength of my hands.”

God's plan

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What does Christmas mean to you?

It’s December already and Christmas is nearly upon us. The shops have had Christmas trees and decorations out since, well, it would seem forever. We are madly rushing around the shops for that present or looking at our calendar thinking, “how are we going to fit in all these Christmas parties?”

Christmas Shopping

Christmas Shopping

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Help from the family

My wife, Michelle and I were very thankful yesterday as my dad and Michelle’s dad came over to put up the pool fence around our spa.

Digging the holes with the site foreman watching close by.

Fitting one of the many panels in place.

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It’s a sad day…

My thoughts wandered and this made me feel a little sad today.

As I was unsteadily got up from my chair with the aid of my walking stick to make some lunch, I thought back to the time when things were easier. Times when driving a car, doing things around the house, going to work, even tying my own shoe laces was something I just took for granted.

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Monopoly ends badly

Last night we had our friends (although they are like family to us) come over for Tacos and Monopoly. Oh, and also to take both our daughters for a ride on one of their motorbikes, which they anxiously wait for each time we get together.

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What next?

Well, what next?

My eyesight is being affected by the medications that I am currently on. I have had glasses for reading, but have noticed now that when wearing them they don’t seem to help much unless I hold what I am reading a lot closer. Everything else around me now seems a little blurry too. I am hoping that this will pass in time. But if not, then who knows……..

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What! You want me to communicate!

I learnt over a few years ago that communication is the key to any marriage. My wife and I went through a few days where our marriage was on rocky ground. Thankfully for us both, our family and close friends were very supportive. We were able to realise that as time went on in our marriage, other things had taken over our lives and this resulted in a lack of communication between us both.


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