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Implant, hospital, ambulance

Wow! It’s certainly been quite some time since my last post on here. So, here’s what has happened since then. In January this year (2016), I had a trial surgery for a  spinal chord stimulator (SCS). This was done to see if a permanent SCS implant would be of any benefit. In this trial, I had 2 leads inserted and placed at C2 and another 2 leads inserted and placed at T8. The trial went for 10 days where I was limited as to what I could do movement wise. This included no driving.

The Complete System - Remote, Charger and Implant

The Complete System – Remote, Charger and Implant

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Pain Free!!

Well, at least that what the pain management specialist said to me on Monday. Yes, it is a possibility that in the not too distant future that I could be pain free, or at the least be able to reduce the need to take the narcotic drugs that I currently need to get me through my worst days.


The Senza System - Implant

The Senza System – Implant

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Time Flies By


Well, I can’t believe that it has been more than a year since my last post. Lots has happened since then. My DDD (Degenerative Disc Disease) has worsened and as a result a change in medications has been required. I am now on the maximum dosage of Lyrica per day and with that, mainly on weekends, I need also need prescribed narcotic drugs to get me by. But all in all, I am coping reasonably well most days. Though I have those days/nights when I just wish there was a quick fix and I could be rid of this constant pain for good……but, there isn’t one :(

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A doctor, a chiro and a scooter?

This morning started with my doctors appointment to review my current pain management. High blood pressure, increasing pain, constant tingling in my lower legs, headaches and pins and needles in both feet were just the start of our conversation for this visit. Not wanting to increase the amount of Gabapentin that I am currently on, the doctor advised that I also take Panadine Forte when required.

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Is it a bad sign?

a bad sign

I do have to laugh when I catchup with some people who I haven’t seen for a year or more. They see me walking ever so slowly and ask me what’s wrong? Most of them remember that I have had a bad back for some time. But the funniest time was when I recently saw a friend who we hadn’t seen for about a year. After explaining how things have gotten worse and that there is no fix for my back, he says “oh, so you really did have a sore back.”

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Time marches on

This is now the 5th week of being off work on sick leave. In this time I have changed pain medications, going off high dosage of Paracetamol/Codine (equivalent to 15mg of morphine per day) for 3 months. With the past 2 months of slowly reducing that dosage and replacing it with a non addictive drug called Gabapentin. I also now am on 2 different antidepressant drugs. One mainly to help me sleep, as for most of this year I have been only able to get 2 or 3 hours of broken sleep each night, as I was waking up each time I moved due to the pain.

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Monopoly ends badly

Last night we had our friends (although they are like family to us) come over for Tacos and Monopoly. Oh, and also to take both our daughters for a ride on one of their motorbikes, which they anxiously wait for each time we get together.

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So, what now?

So, what am I doing for now you may ask. Well, I am going to continue to write about what I am going through, posting it here. This, I hope will encourage others who are going through something similar to keep going no matter what challenges may lay ahead.

For me, each and everyday is a struggle, I now need a walking stick to help me walk and to help lessen the pain when trying to stand up. All the medications make me drowsy, I feel like I am in some sort of a daze and my vision most of the time is a little blurry. The pain is constant and each time I move it makes it worse. Stairs, now become a challenge and take a lot of concentration just so that I don’t fall. Lucky for us, we built a lowest house and only have one step to worry about.

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