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Implant, hospital, ambulance

Wow! It’s certainly been quite some time since my last post on here. So, here’s what has happened since then. In January this year (2016), I had a trial surgery for a  spinal chord stimulator (SCS). This was done to see if a permanent SCS implant would be of any benefit. In this trial, I had 2 leads inserted and placed at C2 and another 2 leads inserted and placed at T8. The trial went for 10 days where I was limited as to what I could do movement wise. This included no driving.

The Complete System - Remote, Charger and Implant

The Complete System – Remote, Charger and Implant

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Pain Free!!

Well, at least that what the pain management specialist said to me on Monday. Yes, it is a possibility that in the not too distant future that I could be pain free, or at the least be able to reduce the need to take the narcotic drugs that I currently need to get me through my worst days.


The Senza System - Implant

The Senza System – Implant

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Why I Hate Mondays

I never look forward to Mondays, or Sunday nights for that matter. Not because it’s the start of the new week. Or for the fact that Michelle and the girls will be at work and school during the day, leaving me at home alone.

But because late Sunday night I go through withdrawals, as I come off the narcotic drug which I have needed to be on for the weekend or sometimes just for Sunday. A drug, just so that I can bear the increased pain of sitting, standing and walking as a result of going to church, the wanting to be social and trying to have a ‘normal’ life/weekend like everyone else.


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So, what now?

So, what am I doing for now you may ask. Well, I am going to continue to write about what I am going through, posting it here. This, I hope will encourage others who are going through something similar to keep going no matter what challenges may lay ahead.

For me, each and everyday is a struggle, I now need a walking stick to help me walk and to help lessen the pain when trying to stand up. All the medications make me drowsy, I feel like I am in some sort of a daze and my vision most of the time is a little blurry. The pain is constant and each time I move it makes it worse. Stairs, now become a challenge and take a lot of concentration just so that I don’t fall. Lucky for us, we built a lowest house and only have one step to worry about.

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Yet another referral

The painkillers that I was taking now didn’t seem to be doing much anymore, so back to see my GP. We decided to obtain a second opinion from another respected surgeon. Another referral was done and after a few weeks I was off seeing Dr Paul Licina at SpinePlus.

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It’s been a while

Well, it’s been quite a while since my last post here. So here’s what has been happening in my world.

I have had a sore back for as long as I can remember and in 2002 was advised that I had bulging discs in my L4/L5 and that surgery wasn’t an option at that time. Towards the end of last year my back started getting more painful and limiting the amount of physical activity that I was able to do. Before then if I did work out in our garden, I would need one day to recover. But this started taking two and then three days for me to recover.

So off to see a Chiropractor and see if that would help me. I found a very good Chiropractor near to where I was working, Zillmere Family Chiropractic. There I met with Dr Nicole Calder who, after discussing my history sent me off to get an x-ray before she should touch anything. My x-rays showed that I had scoliosis and some misalignment of some vertebrae. My C2 was also out and this was, as Nicole said, the reason for my many migraines and severe headaches that I constantly had over the years.

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