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How Do I Fill In My Days

How do I fill in my days? This is a question  that people often ask me. Most of the time I just say that I spend a lot of it lying on the lounge or in my recliner watching TV. Which, isn’t far from the truth.


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Time marches on

This is now the 5th week of being off work on sick leave. In this time I have changed pain medications, going off high dosage of Paracetamol/Codine (equivalent to 15mg of morphine per day) for 3 months. With the past 2 months of slowly reducing that dosage and replacing it with a non addictive drug called Gabapentin. I also now am on 2 different antidepressant drugs. One mainly to help me sleep, as for most of this year I have been only able to get 2 or 3 hours of broken sleep each night, as I was waking up each time I moved due to the pain.

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What next?

Well, what next?

My eyesight is being affected by the medications that I am currently on. I have had glasses for reading, but have noticed now that when wearing them they don’t seem to help much unless I hold what I am reading a lot closer. Everything else around me now seems a little blurry too. I am hoping that this will pass in time. But if not, then who knows……..

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What! You want me to communicate!

I learnt over a few years ago that communication is the key to any marriage. My wife and I went through a few days where our marriage was on rocky ground. Thankfully for us both, our family and close friends were very supportive. We were able to realise that as time went on in our marriage, other things had taken over our lives and this resulted in a lack of communication between us both.


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